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Vintage Formula

Designed specifically to meet the needs of older snowmobiles including air and liquid-cooled non exhaust valve engines of all brands from classics from the early 1960’s through to your favorites from the 90’s.  Heavier viscosity that protects older engines and mixes easily with fuel so can be used for both pre-mix and oil injected machines.

Vintage Oil Advantage:

Most vintage sleds tend to see sporadic use with more hours of storage. Polaris Vintage 2-stroke includes higher levels of stabilizing additives to help keep your fuel fresh longer. Stabilizers protect the carburetors and internal components such as jets and float bowls, keeping components clean and free of harmful deposits for longer.

Polaris Vintage also has high quality base oils and additives designed specifically to better prevent wear and scuffing in vintage 2-stroke applications.



Designed for use liquid and air-cooled 2-stroke snowmobile engines of all brands, in both premix or oil injection systems.  Not recommended for modern exhaust valve engines.