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VES Advantage: Polaris VES Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil is the benchmark for synthetic 2-stroke snowmobile oils. In 2500-mile head to-head engine testing, VES showed less piston and cylinder wear than engines run on leading aftermarket 2-stroke oils. Plus, with over 2 million field and lab-tested miles and counting, VES proves year after year to be the leading 2-stroke synthetic engine oil. With VES, your snowmobile will run like new longer and maintain peak engine performance. 


Full Synthetic Formula: VES uses a superior powersports grade synthetic base oil that delivers better performance and engine protection. Enhanced cold flow properties provide instant lubrication and cold start protection even in subzero temps. Additionally, it keeps the engine lubricated even after shutting down, retaining a protective oil film on hot internal engine parts.


Custom Additive System: VES’s custom anti-wear and detergency additives were engineered with, and specifically for, Polaris 2-cycle engines to protect and burn clean with less carbon deposits and buildup on critical engine components such as pistons, rings, and exhaust valves. Likewise, the additives provide enhanced corrosion protection from the negative effects of ethanol blended fuels and moisture during off-season storage.

Polaris tested & engineering approved for use in all 2-stroke Polaris snowmobiles: Indy, RMK, Switchback, Titan, Voyageur