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Step up to a more luxurious solution with the Trail LinQ Passenger Premium Heated Seat with everything including a backrest and hand wind protection. The comfortable and ergonomically correct position gives both passenger and driver a more enjoyable ride and quickly converts when it's time to go solo.
The ultimate modular seating solution. Quickly changes from riding solo to riding with a passenger. Provides comfortable, ergonomically correct positions for both driver and passenger. Includes heated seat, heated handles and accessory plug in. Compatible with LinQ locking system. Passenger Backrest (860202659) is included. Requires LinQ 1 + 1 Rack (860202414 or 860202785) for installation. Requires Trail Wide Seat (860202523) or Trail Narrow Seat (860202644) or Trail Wide Heated Seat (860202645) for installation on Summit, Freeride, Tundra, REV Gen4 Renegade (Enduro and Sport).