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Any vehicle equipped with a chaincase will require specific care to protect it from wear and corrosion. The XPS Synthetic Chaincase Oil is a multigrade, full-synthetic formula that works just as well in cold temperatures as in high temperatures. This state-of-the-art chaincase lubrication product has been designed with high-performance vehicles in mind. Not for use in 2-speed snowmobile transmissions.
Specially developed for high-performance snowmobiles, it represents the best in state-of-the-art chaincase lubrication. This multigrade full-synthetic formula flows well at cold temperatures and won't break down at high temperatures. Made with additives that protect internal components from wear and corrosion, and also conditions seals. Not for use in 2-speed snowmobile transmissions on Expedition, Skandic utility models. 12 fl. oz. / 355 ml