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DESCRIPTION Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner is an all purpose, waterless polymer solution. It cleans plastic and painted surfaces, gauges, lights, windshields and seats - removing dirt and grime easily without scratching. The polymer-based formula leaves a protective layer behind on surfaces keeping them clean longer by repelling dirt and making future cleaning easier. Multi-Surface Cleaner dries quickly, leaves no marks behind and is gentle on surfaces. HOW TO USE Spray product directly on surface and wipe off excess with a clean, soft cloth until the light haze disappears. RECOMMENDATION Before use make sure there is no solid residue on surface to scratch paint. HOT TIPS For best results, wipe the product with a clean microfiber and change sides of cloth if needed to wipe out any excess product. Change microfiber if it gets excessively dirty.
Nanotechnology polymer formula High gloss finish Protective coating that repels dirt Eliminates static build up No water needed Perfect for use between washes