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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This FERAL ATV License Kit is resistant to UV fading, fuel, scratches, and impact. The plate is 16 gage Aluminum, which we powder-coat for a superior finish.  The mounting hardware is steel, because plastic clamps and little nylon screws don’t cut it for this application.  Seriously.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA:  Our license plate kits are manufactured to scale in Wisconsin, to meet state requirements.  The plate dimensions are 4″ x 7.6″ with mounting holes, spaced 4″ apart.
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: The kit includes two sets of 0-9 numerals and one set of A-Z letters made from high tack adhesive-backed vinyl.  We only use American-made Oracal vinyl, because it would be embarrassing to use cheap vinyl for our Customer’s license numbers.  The kit includes steel hardware and vinyl-coated steel clamps (See “Hardware Compare”).   Zip ties are included as an alternative mounting option.
  • FREE BONUS INSIDE: This Aluminum FERAL License Kit includes a FREE KOOZIE.  It also includes a 3″ FERAL Performance window sticker and a card introducing you to our FERAL Performance brand.