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Blue Advantage: Polaris Blue was formulated and tested to optimize the life of your snowmobile. It provides dependable performance in all non-exhaust valve Polaris engines — fan-cooled and vintage machines, injector or pre-mix. Its additive package offers enhanced detergents to maintain a clean-burning, low smoke engine and the lubrication to protect it no matter how hard you ride. 


Synthetic Blend Formula: Polaris Blue uses powersports grade semi-synthetic base oils that deliver better performance and engine protection. The blend of mineral and synthetic base stocks is designed for use in pre-mix and oil injection applications. Excellent cold flow properties provide instant lubrication and cold start protection even in extreme subzero temperatures. Additionally, the engine stays lubricated and protected even after shutting down, retaining a protective oil film on hot internal engine parts.


Proprietary Additive System: Polaris Blue’s custom anti-wear and detergency additives were engineered to protect engine components and burn clean with less carbon deposits and buildup on critical engine components such as pistons, rings and exhaust ports. The additives also provide enhanced corrosion protection from the negative effects of ethanol blended fuels and moisture during off-season storage.

Polaris tested & engineering approved for use in all non-exhaust valve 2-stroke snowmobiles: Voyageur