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Rouski’s Retractable Snowmobile Wheels

Rouski’s snowmobile wheels enable snowmobilers to ride easily, providing them with better control on hard surfaces such as asphalt or cement.

For your many stops at rest areas, hotels, service stations or during road trips, Rouski wheels will provide you with the same level of confidence and control in curves that you experience in the snow. Safety is therefore greatly improved.

Loading or unloading your snowmobile into and from your trailer becomes much easier. And no more scratches to your garage floor. And don’t worry, the stops on the system side will prevent the ski from twisting and ensure that your snowmobile’s parts remain undamaged.

Self-retractable Wheel system
Rouski’s wheels retract automatically as soon as you ride on powder snow. You can also disengage the mechanism through simple weight shifts on the snowmobile to lift one of the skis. If needed, you can stop your machine for a few seconds and reset the Rouski before you continue on your journey!

This product has a 1 year warranty on any manufacturer’s defect, starting on the date of purchase.

To find out if this product is suitable for your snowmobile, please check the product ‘‘Charts’’ tab.

Here are the many advantages offered by Rouski wheels:
Protects your garage floor and your driveway’s pavement
Makes it easier to get to the restaurant or the gas station
Makes easier to load the snowmobile onto your trailer
Enables you to cross roads and bridges safely
Makes driving easier, especially in curves and hard surfaces
Reduces the wear and tear on your runners and skis
Works just as well when driving forwards or backwards
Maintenance free
No change to the snowmobile’s original parts
Other features:
Rust free
Airtight grease container
25% lighter
Anodized finish
More resistant spring
Latch free
Can be installed without removing the ski bolt