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Built from the design stage to specifically match your Can-Am vehicle. Totally cohesive design eliminates the need to modifiy your vehicle in any way*. Rear tail light. Equipped with the LinQ System, the rear trunk box plugs in and out in seconds. Instantly transforms your vehicle to suit the need of the moment. 32 Gal (124L) load capacity with contiguous unobstructed space to maximize storage room and access to the trunk’s interior. Made of injection-molded polyethylene, double walled in critical areas. The fully sealed lid protects your belongings from dust, moisture and the elements. Built-in lockable barrel. Passenger comfort is ensured on active rides as well as longer recreational rides thanks to the ergonomically designed passenger padding comfort-fitted with a portion made of closed cell foam that won’t absorb water. Very easy to embark even when driver is seated. Trunk Box Panels available in many colors to match your vehicle (sold separately). * WARNING: You should never accessorize your Can-Am Off-road vehicle with accessories not approved by BRP because your vehicle may no longer meet certain safety and construction standards. This situation could increase the risk of severe injury or death and render your vehicle not legal for use.
G2 (MAX models only except 6x6 models)