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Easily adapt your 509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite S1 Goggles to any weather condition. Available in a wide range of tints, the 509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite S1 Lens features wire-free auto-heating technology for a new realm of anti-fog performance. A low-profile integrated fan further enhances clarity by removing moist air from inside the frame. Available tints cover everything from bright sun to nighttime with polarized and even light-adaptive photochromatic options.
• Ignite Toric lens - Durable PC outer lens with multiple coatings for premium clarity and performance - UV inhibitors, Hardness and antiscratch, and Oleophobic coatings
• ITO inner lens warms inner lens, and drives off moisture that causes fogging
• Easily replaceable lenses, to a broad assortment of Lens tints, polarized, Photochromatic, ignite, or Fuzion lenses
• OTG, Over the Glasses, compatible