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  • High performance Lithium-Ion type re-chargeable battery kit
  • Use to convert your heated electric face shield and other accessories from being machine-wired to pocket-sized battery powered
  • For CKX Falcon and 210° Series electric goggles and all other compatible 12-Volt DC powered shields, goggles and heated apparel that utilize an RCA connector for power
  • Also has a convenient USB port for charging cellphones and communicators
  • Originally designed for CKX electric goggles 
  • Keep the battery in your jacket and route the power cord to your goggles, face shield or other heated apparel
  • High-performance battery (6,000 mAh) with 5 heat levels for longer duration
  • Multi-function Power/Charge Level/Output level button displays both the charge level of the battery pack, relative to the output level that is set, as well as the output level, from 1 to 5
  • Features power-saving technology that turns the battery off when not in use
  • Approximate autonomy at room temperature (in the jacket) is 6 hours at maximum power level; 12 hours at minimum power level
  • 110-Volt battery charger (allow 5-7 hours charging time)
  • Coiled power cord connects the battery to your goggles

IMPORTANT NOTE:  To check the charge level of the battery pack before use, press the power button.  Due to the power-saving technology, it will shut off in a few seconds unless it is under a load (connected to your shield or lens).

Nominal capacity: 6,000 mAh
Output: 12 Volts @ 1.2 Amps
USB output: 5 Volts @ 1.2 Amps
Maximum output power: 20 Watts
Charge voltage: 12.55 – 12.65 Volts
Dimensions: Approximately 5-1/2 x 2-7/8 x 7/8 in.
Weight: Under 12 oz.

Input voltage: 110 Volts AC
Output: 12.6 Volts DC @ 1,000 mA

Included Items:

(1) High performance battery

(1) Battery charger

(1) Power cord